Noelle McNeil
"Heaven Exists"

Tragedy may happen to anyone of us at anytime, what you do with it determines who you are. ~ Noelle McNeil in Heaven Exists


August 4, 2010
On behalf of the School of Social Work at Monmouth University, I am pleased to recommend Rosemary Richards and Noelle McNeil to present about traumatic brain injury information. In July 2010, Rosemary and Noelle conducted a training for professional social workers called “Traumatic Brain Injury: The Patient and Family Perspective.” Their multimedia presentation includes videos, PowerPoint, articles and other resources, as well as the true life experiences told by Rosemary and Noelle. This training is not only an important resource for social workers, coaches, athletes, and others working with youth, it is an amazing story of strength and perseverance.  The workshop provides important information about concussion injuries, traumatic brain injuries and their impact on the family as well as the medical issues associated with these injuries.

Rosemary is a school social worker who has dedicated her career to working with youth with behavioral and mental health issues. She brings the unique perspective of an understanding of the physiological impact of a brain injury coupled with the social and behavioral impact. In addition, she tells the stories of her experiences as a mother dealing with the family and medical issues of her daughter’s severe traumatic brain injury.
Noelle McNeil is a graduate of Monmouth University and a member of the NJ Advisory Council on Traumatic Brain Injury. She has conducted trainings across the state and is sharing the story of her accident and miraculous recovery. She speaks candidly about what it is like to recover from a severe traumatic brain injury. Her story is powerful, and truly unforgettable.

This training is important for all health and mental health professionals as well as for those working with youth.  You won’t be disappointed by Rosemary and Noelle’s story!

Leah Lazzaro, LSW
Coordinator of Field & Professional Education
School of Social Work
Monmouth University